This Year's Convention

2023 RCNA Convention in Halifax, Nova Scotia July 18–22, 2023

Past Conventions

2022 RCNA Convention in Ottawa, Ontario July 20–24, 2021

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2021 Virtual RCNA Convention

2020 RCNA Convention in Halifax, Nova Scotia CANCELLED

Convention Medal

2019 RCNA Convention in Calgary, AB July 16–20, 2019

Awards | Banquet Speaker | Hotel Floor Plan | Best Western Calgary Shuttle Service | CAFNE Reception | Club Delegate's Breakfast Speaker | Exhibitors | Bourse | Program of Events | Programme des Activitiés | Symposium | Tours

2018 RCNA Convention in Mississauga, Toronto, August 7 - 11, 2018

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2017 RCNA Convention in Boucherville, Quebec July 18 - July 23, 2017

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Programme des Activitiés | Symposium (fr) | Tours (fr) | ACPEN Réception | Médaille du congrès

2016 RCNA Convention in Ottawa, Ontario July 19 - July 24, 2016
     Awards | Exhibiting | Symposium | Program of Events | Programme d’activités

2015 RCNA Convention in Halifax, July 22 - July 26, 2015
     Awards | Program | Exhibiting
     Convention Medal | Coin Kids | Chairpersons

2014 RCNA Convention in Toronto, August 13 -16, 2014
     Program | Exhibiting | Dealers

2013 RCNA Convention in Winnipeg July 24 - 27, 2013
     Program | Dealers | Awards

2012 RCNA Convention in Calgary July 19 - 22, 2012
     Program | Dealers | Awards

2011 RCNA Convention in Windsor
     Program of Events | Symposium | Awards

2010 RCNA Convention in Saint John
    Program of Events | Bourse Floor & Application| Exhibiting
    Symposium | Award Winners

2009 RCNA Convention in Edmonton
     Bourse | Program
     Pictures: Award Winners | CPMS Luncheon | Symposium

2008 C.N.A. Convention in Ottawa
     Program | Bourse | Exhibit
     Pictures: Award Winners | Bourse Floor | Convention
     Pictures: Symposium
     Meetings: Royal Canadian Mint Reception | CPMS Luncheon
     Meetings: Bank of Canada Currency Museum Reception
     Meetings:Club Delegates Breakfast | Welcome Reception

2007 C.N.A. Convention in Niagara Falls
     Program | Symposium
     Pictures: Award Winners | Bourse Floor | Convention
     Meetings: Royal Canadian Mint Reception | CPMS Luncheon
     Meetings: Club Delegates Breakfast

2006 C.N.A. Convention in Niagara Falls
     Program | Educational
     Pictures: Award Winners | Bourse Floor | Convention
     Daily Pictures: Thursday | Friday | Saturday | Sunday
     Meetings: Royal Canadian Mint Reception | CPMS Luncheon
     Meetings: Club Delegates Breakfast | Banquet

2005 C.N.A. Convention in Calgary
     Banquet Speaker | Educational | Program | Tours
     Pictures: Award Winners | Bourse Floor | Convention
     Daily Pictures: Wednesday | Thursday | Friday
     Daily Pictures: Saturday | Sunday

2004 C.N.A. Convention in Toronto
     Dealers | Educational | Medal | Program
     Pictures: Award Winners | Convention

2003 C.N.A. Convention in Windsor


Each year, The Canadian Numismatic Association appoints an official auction house to conduct an auction at the annual RCNA Convention. Mail bids are accepted prior to the Convention, with floor bidding taking place at the various sessions during the Convention. Viewing of the auction material takes place during the convention up to the start of each auction session.


A number of prestigious awards will be presented at various functions at the Convention. For more information, please see our Awards page (under Events).

RCNA Conventions

Activities for Collectors of All Ages and Numismatic Material

The highlight of the Canadian numismatic year is the RCNA Annual Convention. Since 1954 it has been held yearly in various cities across Canada.

The RCNA Annual Convention is Canada's oldest numismatic event offering collectors an opportunity to meet and develop life long friendships and share numismatic knowledge.

  • A large and diverse inventory of coins, tokens, medals, banknotes and numismatic literature is available on the bourse floor from Canadian and American dealers.
  • An auction at every Convention provides collectors an opportunity to build their collection and a basis for determining current values of all types of numismatic material.
  • Educational forums are presented during the course of the convention that feature original presentations on a variety of numismatic topics.

At the RCNA Convention, other numismatic organizations hold their annual meetings or conduct educational programs. These have included the Canadian Numismatic Research Society, the Canadian Paper Money Society, the Canadian Association of Token Collectors, the Canadian Association of Wooden Money Collectors, the Love Token Society, the Canadian Tire Coupon Collectors Club, the Classical and Medieval Numismatic Society and others.

  • Delegates from coin clubs across Canada meet and exchange views on common problems to help the hobby and the collector.
  • Members of the RCNA exhibit items from their collections in competition for display awards thus sharing their knowledge with everyone.
  • Institutions such as the Royal Canadian Mint and the Bank of Canada also set up non-competitive exhibits for the enjoyment of show visitors.

The Convention is also the setting of the annual general membership meeting where motions are discussed and voted on, various committee reports are presented and the annual financial report is tabled.

A banquet and the pre-Banquet reception gives members and non-members another opportunity to mingle, enjoy a full-course meal, listen to a speaker and find out first-hand who the recipients of Canada’s major numismatic awards are. Tours are also offered.

If you are planning to attend the Convention and participate in a number of activities, you might wish to register. Registration Kits contain:

  • a souvenir convention medal
  • admission to the bourse for the full duration of the show
  • unlimited number of visits to the hospitality suite*
  • a special souvenir medal struck to commemorate the convention
  • a special reception hosted by the Royal Canadian Mint
  • a souvenir booklet containing the Program of Events
  • and lots more.

*The hospitality suite for registrants and bourse dealers is a great place to throw up your feet and enjoy a complimentary coffee and snacks. Admission to the convention is available by various means.

Spousal Registrations are also available and include the same contents as the main registration kit along with a number of collectible catalogues but not including the souvenir medal.

Young Numismatist Kits are also available with special contents at a drastically reduced price.

Or you might just wish to come on a daily basis by paying a nominal daily admission price.

You do not have to decide in advance to register, although we recommend you do so to ensure that we are not sold out of kits or souvenir medals. The registration form includes the option of purchasing tickets to the Banquet and the Club Delegates Breakfast meeting, as well as the convention souvenir medal in .999 fine silver.

Once you attend a RCNA Convention and join in the activities, you will want to attend year after year.

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