2008 C.N.A. Ottawa Convention Bourse

2008 C.N.A. Convention Ottawa Bourse Floor Plan

List of dealers for 2008 C.N.A. Convention w/ table location
Table No. Dealer Name
A1, A12 Canadian Coinoisseur
A2 Heritage Numismatic Auctions
A3 Sylvania Coin & Banknote 
A4 Tom Clarke Coins
A5 Versailles Coins
A6 The Coin Cabinet
A7, A8 Olmstead Currency
A9, A10 London Coin Centre
A11 Proof Positive Coins
B1, B2 Bob Armstrong Coins
B3 Douglas Robins Inc.
B4, B5 Ted's Collectables Inc.
B6, B7 Alliance Coin & Banknote
B8 Calgary Coins
B9, B10 Newcan Coin & Currency
B11, B12 J&M Coin and Jewellery Ltd.
C1 Kadillac Koins
C2 Canadian Coin News
C3 Gilles Sirois
C4 Yvon Marquis
C5, C6 Pierre Coins
C7, C8, C9 Canadian Coin & Currency
C10, C11 Certified Coins of Canada
C12 Schaffer's Coins
D1, D12 Ross D. King
D2 Moore Numismatics
D3 Traders Goldcorp
D4 Classic Cash
D5 name removed
D6, D7 Carsley Whetstone
D8 Rex Wilson Coin & Currency 
D9 Canadian Currency Grading Services Inc. / Andrew McKaig 
D10 Ian A. Marshall
D11 Peter M. McDonald
E1 tba
E2 tba
E3 Greg Ingram (author)
E4 Serge Pelletier (author)
E5 Harry James (author)
E6 Rob Turner (author)
E7, E8 B & W Coin and Token
E9 Andy Grecco
E10 Cameo Coins
E11, E12 Lighthouse Publications 
F1, F2 B.C. Coins
F3 Lighthouse Numismatics 
F4 Forest City Coins
F5 Ancient Numismatic Enterprises  
F6 tba
F7 tba
F8, F9 Halton Coins & Collectables
F10 Richard Stockley Books
F11 Allan Davies  
F12 Graham H. Neale  
13 Canadian Coin Certification Services    
14 Charlton Press
Auctioneer C&P Numismatics

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