Official Convention Medals

Each year, The Canadian Numismatic Association strikes a limited quantity of official souvenir medals commemorating the annual convention. Struck in small quantities to assure they remain a very worthy collectible, they contain the official C.N.A. crest on the obverse, while the reverse features appropriate convention information.

The annual Convention medal, struck on copper blanks, may be obtained as part of the convention registration kit. It may also be obtained on a first come, first served basis once attendees’ orders have been filled, via mail order in either silver (.999 fine) or copper metal. Details on availability and pricing will be published when the information becomes available. Details on ordering through the Internet will also be made available when pricing has been established. Medals may be ordered for pick-up at the Convention (either as part of the registration kit or ordered separately) or shipped out following the conclusion of the Convention for a small additional shipping fee.

Past Canadian Numismatic Association Annual Conventions

All images shown below are copyrighted by, and courtesy of, The Charlton Press
For more information on Convention Medals of The Canadian Numismatic Association please refer to:
Canadian Association Medals - Volume Two
Author: William K. Cross, Editor: Jean Dale. Available from The Charlton Press.

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Year Location
1954 C.N.A. Toronto 1954 C.N.A. Toronto with R 1st 1954 Toronto
(left to right above) No R above Toronto, with an R above Toronto. click on an image for a larger view

1955 C.N.A. Ottawa 2nd 1955 Ottawa

1956 C.N.A. London 3rd 1956 London

1957 C.N.A. Hamilton 4th 1957 Hamilton

1958 C.N.A. Ottawa 5th 1958 Ottawa

1959 C.N.A. Regina 6th 1959 Regina

1960 C.N.A. Sherbrooke 7th 1960 Sherbrooke

1961 C.N.A. Hamilton 8th 1961 Hamilton

1962 C.N.A. Detroit 9th 1962 Detroit

1963 C.N.A. Vancouver 10th 1963 Vancouver

1964 C.N.A. Halifax 11th 1964 Halifax

1965 C.N.A. Montreal 12th 1965 Detroit

1966 C.N.A. Winnipeg 13th 1966 Winnipeg

1967 C.N.A. Ottawa 14th 1967 Ottawa

1968 C.N.A. Calgary 15th 1968 Calgary

1969 C.N.A. Toronto 16th 1969 Toronto

1970 C.N.A. Halifax 17th 1970 Halifax

1971 C.N.A. Vancouver 18th 1971 Vancouver

1972 C.N.A. Toronto 19th 1972 Toronto

1973 C.N.A. Saskatoon 20th 1973 Saskatoon

1974 C.N.A. Hamilton 1974 C.N.A. Hamilton 21st 1974 Hamilton
(left to right above) No comma after Hamilton, with a comma after Hamilton. click on an image for a larger view

1975 C.N.A. Calgary 22nd 1975 Calgary

1976 C.N.A. Ottawa 23rd 1976 Ottawa

1977 C.N.A. Vancouver 24th 1977 Vancouver

1978 C.N.A. London 25th 1978 London

1979 C.N.A. Edmonton 26th 1979 Edmonton

1980C.N.A. Montreal 27th 1980 Montreal

1981 C.N.A. Toronto 28th 1981 Toronto

1982 C.N.A. Winnipeg 29th 1982 Winnipeg

1983 C.N.A. Moncton 30th 1983 Moncton

1984 C.N.A. Hamilton 31st 1984 Hamilton

1985 C.N.A. Regina 32nd 1985 Regina

1986 C.N.A. Toronto 33rd 1986 Toronto

1987 C.N.A. Calgary 34th 1987 Calgary

1988 C.N.A. Charlottetown 35th 1988 Charlottetown

1989 C.N.A. Quebec City 36th 1989 Quebec City

1990 C.N.A. Vancouver 37th 1990 Vancouver

1991 C.N.A. Toronto 38th 1991 Toronto

1992 C.N.A. Montreal 39th 1992 Montreal

1993 C.N.A. Moncton 40th 1993 Moncton

1994 C.N.A. Hamilton 41st 1994 Hamilton

1995 C.N.A. Calgary 42nd 1995 Calgary, slogan: Head Your Tails to New Frontiers!

1996 C.N.A. Montreal 43rd 1996 Montreal

1997 C.N.A. Moncton 44th 1997 Moncton, slogan: Catch The Big One

1998 C.N.A. Edmonton 45th 1998 Edmonton, slogan: Join Us "on the trail of '98"

1999 C.N.A. Kitchener 46th 1999 Kitchener

2000 C.N.A. Ottawa 47th 2000 Ottawa, slogan: Là où Tout à Commencé OTTAWA, where it all began

2001 C.N.A. Quebec City 48th 2001 Quebec City, slogan: A Numismatic Odyssey

2002 C.N.A. Vancouver 49th 2002 Vancouver

2003 C.N.A. Windsor 50th 2003 Windsor

2004 C.N.A. Toronto 51st 2004 Toronto

2005 C.N.A. Calgary 52nd 2005 Calgary, slogan: Come Celebrate Our Centennial

2006 C.N.A. Niagara Falls 53rd 2006 Niagara Falls, slogan: It's Not To Be "Mist"

2007 C.N.A. Niagara Falls 54th 2007 Niagara Falls

2008 C.N.A. Ottawa 55th 2008 Ottawa

2009 RCNA Edmonton 56th 2009 Edmonton

2010 - 2014 forthcoming

2015 RCNA Halifax 62th 2015 Halifax

2016 RCNA Ottawa 63rd 2016 Ottawa

2017 RCNA Boucherville 64th 2017 Boucherville

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