The Royal Canadian Numismatic Association is proud to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation in numismatic style!

The RNCA is happy to announce that we have issued a medal celebrating Canada's Sesquicentennial featuring the official CANADA 150 logo created by Ariana Cuvin from Toronto, Ontario.

The CANADA 150 logo was selected in a nation-wide competition in which students throughout Canada were invited to submit designs for the official logo representing the 150th anniversary of Confederation. Ariana was chosen from a field of over 300 eligible entries. By participating in this contest, young Canadians had the opportunity to participate and contribute in an original way to this important milestone in Canadian history.




The RCNA medal is available in copper $14.95* and fine silver (1 oz. troy) $49.95* on a pre-order basis.

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In addition to this the RCNA, in conjunction with its member clubs, has issued a set of commemorative medals featuring the same CANADA 150 reverse. These sets will be available in a very limited release at our upcoming convention in Boucherville Quebec, July 18-23.


* The RCNA reserves the right to limit quantities purchased. Prices are inclusive of taxes; shipping and handling costs are extra.

Item Price
Silver medal $49.95
Copper medal $14.95
Postage & Handling - Canada $3.00
Postage & Handling – U.S.A. $6.00
Postage & Handling – International $9.00

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Medal Sets

The Royal Canadian Numismatic Association (RCNA) invited it’s member club’s to participate in a joint initiative to produce a series of collectable numismatic club medals commemorating the Sesquicentennial of Confederation, Canada`s 150th Anniversary. To support this initiative, the RCNA commissioned and supplied the use of a 38 mm commemorative die that could be used by clubs, in conjunction with a die of their own design, to strike a medal. To help support it’s member clubs that already had a suitable existing die, the RCNA commissioned the commemorative die at two private mints in Canada: Pressed Metal Products in Vancouver BC and Mississauga Mint in Toronto ON. We are very happy with the results, in fact 27 member clubs, throughout Canada, have joined the program. Exceeding our expectations!


Each of the participating clubs have chosen the specific mintages, metals and pricing structure for themselves. The clubs agreed that the RCNA could assemble complete sets of the medals, struck in copper, which they would make available at the Associations upcoming Annual Convention. The convention this year is held in Boucherville QC. Some of the medals in this set are only available that way. Some of the participating clubs have chosen to issue a very limited mintage in .9999 fine silver; these clubs are: ANPB, BNS, CCCC, ENS, EMCCC, GBCC, HRCC, ICC, NYCC, ONA, TROYAK, RCNA, SCC, TCC, and WCC. If you are interested in ordering a club specific medal please contact the club directly. A list of the contact information is available on the RCNA Web site at:

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Full Set of 28 Club Medals in Copper $299.95, plus $25 postage and handling.

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