Canadian Numismatic Correspondence Course - Part II

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The Royal Canadian Numismatic Association has launched a new correspondence course known as the Canadian Numismatic Correspondence Course - Part II. Since the release of the original correspondence course in 1995, there has been an overwhelming demand to create a new course for collectors. The original course was also launched in Calgary in grand style.

This new course consists of seventeen chapters, 486 pages and hundreds of photos and features all new material from what was in Part I. The authors were chosen for their numismatic expertise of the subject covered. The chapters offers greater detail and more in-depth coverage than the first course. These chapters include the following:

1 Canadian History and Numismatics Wayne Jacobs
2 Buying and Selling Numismatic Material Michael Walsh
3 Grading Canadian Coinage Brian Cornwell
4 The Benefits of Organized Numismatics Chris Boyer
5 A History of Decimal Coinage in Canada Paul S. Berry
6 The Token - Canada's Original Currency Scott E. Douglas
7 Canadian Paper Money for Advanced Collectors Robert J. Graham
8 Canadian Tire "Money" as a Numismatic Collectable Roger A. Fox
9 Canadian Commemorative and Historical Medals & Art Medals Ronald A. Greene and Del Newbigging
10 Exonumia and Related Items Marvin Kay, MD
11 Canadian Municipal Trade Tokens Serge Pelletier
12 The History and Collecting of Canadian Wooden Money Norm Belsten
13 Ancient and Medieval Coins of the Western World Bruce R. Brace
14 Computer Literacy and Its Use in Numismatics Bret Evans
15 An Overview of Canadian Numismatic Literature Daniel W. Gosling
16 The Benefits of Research In Numismatics Chris Faulkner
17 Developing Your Writing Skills and Using Illustrations In Numismatic Publications Peter N. Moogk, Ph. D.

Paul Johnson was Coordinating Editor of this project.

The Core Committee consisted of Brian Cornwell, Scott Douglas, Dr. Marvin Kay, Paul Petch and John Regitko and with special mention of the work by Barry McIntyre. It was a great team effort that included the committee, writers, reviewers, photographers and others. This course will benefit Canadian numismatics for many years. Special thanks to Albert Kasman for his financial support of this project.

Purchasers of the course will receive a copy of the book titled Standard Grading Guide for Canadian & Colonial Decimal Coins by James E. Charltonand Robert C. Willey. Those registrants that successfully complete the course will receive a specially engraved "Certificate of Completion".

The cost of the course is as follows :
RCNA members - $110.00
Non RCNA members - $155.00

all prices shown are in Canadian funds for mailing to addresses in Canada and in United States funds for mailing to addresses in the United States. Foreign (non-USA) address requests must also include US$ 110 for additional shipping charges and foreign rate membership (if not an RCNA member). 
Copies of the course can be purchased by contacting the Executive Secretary of The Royal Canadian Numismatic Association

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