2006 C.N.A. Convention Niagara Falls

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General Chairman: John Regitko 
Vice-Chairman: Peter Kostyk 
Bourse Chairman: Dick Dunn 
Treasurer: Monina McCullough-Regitko 
Exhibit Chairman: Paul Johnson 
Pre-Registration Chairman: Marvin Kay 
Program of Events Planning: Paul Johnson 
Numismatic Publicity Chairman: John Regitko 
Non-numismatic Publicity Chairman: Peter Kostyk 
Souvenir Program Booklet Chairman: Paul Fiocca 
Banquet Program Booklet : Dan Gosling
Property Chairman: Hubert Grimminck 
Tours Planning Chairman: Barb Kostyk 
Signage: Roger Fox 
Convention Logo and Medal Design Chairman: Paul Petch 
Coin Kids Activities Chairman: Fred Freeman 
Daily Admission Chair: Monina McCullough-Regitko 
Education Chairman: Paul Johnson 
C.N.A. Information Table Coordinator: Michael "Stan" Turrini 
A.N.A. Information Table Coordinator: Patty Finner 
Registration Chairman: Monina McCullough-Regitko 
Coin Kids Donation Auction Material Coordinator: Ron Darbyshire 
Security Committee: Dick Dunn & John Regitko 
Hospitality Suite Chair: Marion Munro 
C.N.A. Liaison: Charles Moore, President


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