Paper Money Grading and Preservation Workshop

Date :  Tuesday, August 7 (9:00 am - 4:15 pm) - 2018

Location :  Hilton Meadowvale / Mississauga hotel

Room :  South Studio 1

Cost :  $95.00 per person


The Royal Canadian Numismatic Association is sponsoring one of its popular one-day workshop events titled " An Introduction to Paper Money Grading and Preservation" featuring two very qualified instructors: Steven Bell and Susan Maltby.  The Moderator will be Scott Douglas, Chairman of the RCNA Education Committee.

The morning session explores technical aspects of paper money printing theory and grading from a Canadian perspective, along with a brief history of banknotes in Canada.  The afternoon session discusses coin and paper money preservation.

The instructors supplement their topic with PowerPoint presentations, demonstrations, hand-outs and displays of numismatic material.

The class size is intentionall small so students have an opportunity to speak personally with instructors to fully understand the material presented or to asked related questions.

The workshop is being held in conjunction with this year's RCNA Convention on Tuesday, August 7.  Each student will receive an RCNA Certificate of Participation at the conclusion of the workshop.


An Introduction to Paper Money Grading

Instructor :  Steven Bell  (Kitchener, Ontario)

This session will focus on the practical aspects of paper money printing theory including security printing methods and anti-counterfeiting measures as well as the theory and practical aspects of grading Canadian paper money. 

The material presented will focus on the fundamentals of accurate and consistent grading : knowledge, technique and objectivity.  Important grading tips and methods used by experienced graders will be explained  A detailed discussion of the fine points that distinguish one grade of circulated note from another is also included, as well as a close-up look at impairments and "processed notes", specifically those that have been washed, cleaned, pressed or flattened, trimmed, or generally altered in an attempt to improve the condition of overall eye appeal.

 The workshop is intended for students who know the basics of grading banknotes, have some grading experience, and recognize thsoe areas where they lack grading skills.

All students are encouraged to bring example banknotes for class discussion, particularly notes with grading difficulties.

This workshop will help students resolve the confusion that sometimes accompanies grading banknotes.

Steven Bell is President of Banknote Certification Service (BSC), a third-party paper money grading company based in Kitchener.



Instructor :  Susan Maltby  (Toronto, Ontario)

One of the most important aspects for the preservation of coins, tokens and paper money is providing proper handling and storage.  If not stored correctly, collections can deteriorate over time.  Find out what can be done to preserve valuable numismatic material.

This advanced workshop offers the collector a practical learning session for the proper care and conservation of numismatic collections: coins, tokens, medals andbanknotes.

Topics discussed will include: cleaning, care and handling of numismatic material; storage and holders ; agents of deterioration ; environmental monitoring techniques establishing a controlled environment.

 The Beilstein Test, used to determine if a plastic contains PVC (polyvinyl-den chloride) is a popular demonstration which can be employed to test the suitability of material you use to store your collection.  Susan will explain which material is safe, which is not and why.

Participants are urged to bring along problem pieces for examination and discussion.

Susan Maltby is a columnist and professional conservation consultant.  Previously she was with the Canadian Conservation Institute in Ottawa.

Registration cost includes Certificate of Participation, handouts, complimentary coffee and tea, and free parking.

For further information contact the RCNA Executive Secretary Paul Johnson  at the following :

Telephone :  1-647-401-4014

Email :

Mail :  Royal Canadian Numismatic Association,

          5694 Highway #7 East, Suite 432,

          Makham,  Ontario  L3P 1B4

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                  Funded by a grant from the Canadian Association for Numismatic Education



























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