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Past & Nearly Perfect

Book Cover

Past & Nearly Perfect by Rob Turner explores the pattern, trial, proof, and specimen large cents coined by The Royal Mint, Heaton, and the Ottawa Mint between 1857 and 1920. Some of these fascinating coins serve as a step-by-step guide of how the adopted designs evolved. Others were coined as presentation pieces for dignitaries, collectors, and museums. Collectively, they represent the finest, and some of the rarest, Canadian large cents known to exist. The 174-page hardcover book contains full-colour photos and population estimates for each type of special-strike cent.
All proceeds on sales go to the RCNA, published through a grant from the J. Douglas Ferguson Historical Research Foundation.

Past & Nearly Perfect
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For RCNA members resident in Canada 44.95
For Non-Members resident in Canada 49.95
For RCNA members resident in US US$34.95
For Non-Members resident in US US$39.95

International members and non-members can order today by contacting the RCNA Executive Secretary (info@rcna.ca).

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