RCNA/ARNC Privacy Policy

The Royal Canadian Numismatic Association (RCNA/ARNC) is committed to protecting and safeguarding your privacy. We have developed the following Privacy Policy to conform to Canadian, U.S. and International laws and guidelines.

You always remain in control of any of your information we have in our computer. If you are not currently a member of the RCNA/ARNC, this information consists of only your e-mail address and possibly your name. If you are a RCNA/ARNC member, we also store your contact information.

We control the content on our own Website at www.rcna.ca and send out our own RCNA/ARNC E-Bulletin. There is no one involved who can use cookie technology to track the activities of anyone who accesses our Website. We also take steps to make all information received from you online as secure as reasonably possible against unauthorized access and use. This is as anonymous as it can get.

Further, the RCNA/ARNC will not trade, sell or share any personal information. By voluntarily supplying us with contact information on the RCNA/ARNC membership application form, in contact through e-mails, or by allowing us to send you RCNA/ARNC E-Bulletins, you are not authorizing us to use this information for any purpose other than what it was intended for.

The only exceptions, unless you advise us otherwise, are: a) we might give potential clients your telephone number if we know you operate a coin store, b) if you send us an article or a Letter to the Editor, we will publish your name and membership number, and c) if the contents of an e-mail to the RCNA/ARNC E-Bulletin Editor is published, we will reveal your name only unless you authorize us to also publish your e-mail address so people can contact you.

When we e-mail the RCNA/ARNC E-Bulletins, nobody else receiving the bulletin can see who else it is being sent to. Your e-mail address is not revealed to anyone.

If you are not currently a member of the RCNA/ARNC, whether you agree to receive complimentary e-mails or stop receiving all communications from us is entirely in your hands. If you would like to prevent further use of your e-mail by the RCNA/ARNC, just let us know at info@rcna.ca and your name and contact email will be removed immediately from our database.

To assure that the privacy of everyone is respected and all privacy guidelines and laws are adhered to, the RCNA/ARNC has set up a dedicated e-mail address for privacy issues: info@rcna.ca. Any complaints or questions about the RCNA’s privacy policy should be sent to that address for prompt handling.

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