2020 RCNA Convention Souvenir Purchase Form

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Qty Item or Activity Price Total
2020 50 cent piece (unc) in special RCNA Halifax Convention PCGS Sample holder. - 15.00 $$15.00
 (Cancelled by Pandemic limited to 100 slabs) 
2019 50 cent piece (unc) in RCNA Calgary Convention PCGS Sample holder. - 15.00 $$15.00
 (limited availability) 
2018 50 cent piece (unc) in RCNA Toronto Convention PCGS Sample holder. - 15.00 $$15.00
 (very limited availability) 
2017 50 cent piece (unc) in RCNA Boucherville Convention PCGS Sample holder. - 15.00 $$15.00
 (Coat-of-Arms design; very limited availability) 
Grand Total:  

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* Availability is limited; a refund will be made if the chosen item(s) is sold out.


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Payment for registration can be made securely online with Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, etc. Currency (US or Canadian only).

All inquiries should go to RCNA Executive Secretary Paul Johnson at info@rcna.ca or Telephone (647) 401-4014.

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For more information:
Royal Canadian Numismatic Association
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Suite 432, Markham, ON
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